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ABOUT our Products

Quality surf products in Australia
Buckshot Surf Company specialises in high quality surf products developed for serious surfers from around Australia, across the World, out in the Universe, or any other big place, where people might surf. From our base on the South Coast of N.S.W., we have produced a uniquely designed "add on" for the ever handy wetty bucket. It consists of a series of storage pockets that can be attached to the top lip of a bucket, thus increasing the buckets usefulness by maintaining the integrity of the bucket contents, when wet gear is thrown into the bottom of the bucket where everything else you own is usually stored.                                          
THE BUCKET BUDDY - is unique to Buckshot Surf Company.
The product exists because it was thought up , designed and then built by Buckshot Surf Company. An original idea made possible by imagination and hard work. Over a number of years, we have also developed an outstanding range of high performance surfboard waxes that have become a favourite with our local surfing community for its consistently sticky quality and skin-friendly ingredients.

            Australian made and owned
 made to last 
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The Utility Bucket System used to store all surf products at the beaach beside the waves in the ocean
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