BUCKSHOT SURF COMPANY is located on the South Coast of N.S.W. and was founded in 1999. The company’s principle product is a highly regarded unique surfboard WAX. An expansion to other surf accessories with the same high standards and uniqueness is in the planning for further development of the brand.

 innovation not imitation 

Intense development of BUCKSHOT SURF WAX, in recent years, has been driven by strong local demand primarily through word of mouth. The end result is a high performing and much sought after local product . It has the edge surfers and retailers want. The ability to advertise our product without the need to apply sexual overtones or innuendo of a sexual nature has been paramount in the development of our product and branding.

Purely performance based.

Sponsoring & Supporting local south coast board riders clubs and with an ever expanding interest in sponsoring more talent into the future.

andrew johnson
some members of OUR TEAM
jake spooner

What can you say? Johno, A.J., Block. A man of many names - talents - and skills in designing performance Black Diamond surfboards and fins. Skills honed over many years of devotion to his sport of choice. A surfer renouned for his passion for surfing and dominating his favourite local break.

Johno chooses Buckshot Surfing Products to help maintain the edge

A powerhouse in the water. Jake can often be seen at his local break tearing the bag out of the big stuff. After a stint on the pro circuit Jake has retired to quietly ripping apart anything that comes his way.

Jake chooses Buckshot Surfing

Products to help maintain the edge n

originality - it's what we do best