Buckshot Surf Company



You can buy one of these for $24.99. The bucket tidy weighs only

240 grams leaving you the option to fill your delivery

satchel with three 85 gram blocks of wax for the low low price of just $2.50 per block; or you could buy a bucket tidy for someone else and have it delivered for the same low price. Two delivered for the price of one. Now there's a bargain. So for the cost of one item to be delivered you can have more goodies in the same order at no extra delivery cost.


Total - 500 grams.


You can buy 6 blocks of wax for $15.00 and have the same low delivery cost as Deal 1. You can order any combination of waxes, so one of each blend plus an extra favorite. Three and three, two, two and two, five plus one, its entirely up to you.

Total - 500 grams.